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Business Valuation Methods

More to Business Valuation than Meets the Eye

Most business owners and attorneys know the basics of the business valuation process. For example, you might know that there are three approaches to value: the cost, market and income approaches....

Small Business Alert: Bankruptcy Debt Limits Soon Could Drop

Market uncertainties are causing some small businesses to struggle. If you're among them and are considering filing for bankruptcy, you may need to act fast. A temporary change in the laws...

Five Rules That Open the Gates

Chances are, you've lost a sale that you thought was in the bag. It happens. The way to improve the odds of success is to learn and follow the five "rules of...

Why Is the Valuation Date So Important?

It is common to think about which method a business valuation professional will use and whether discounts might apply when considering how the value of an asset will be determined. However,...

Making a Loan to a Family Member to Help with a Home Purchase

Interest rates on residential mortgage loans have increased significantly over the last few years. If your adult child or another family member needs a mortgage to buy a home, the interest...


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