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Distinguish Your Company’s Elite: Follow the Pareto Principle

Even in America, not all customers are created equal.  If you apply the "Pareto Principle" to your sales department, you're likely to make two discoveries: 80% of your  Without a strategy...

How Intended Uses May Affect an Expert’s Value Conclusion

What is the value of my business? That's the question every business owner wonders from time to time. But the correct answer varies depending on the purpose of the appraisal. Different rules...

Family and Medical Leave: Does Your Program Qualify for the Tax Credit?

In a tight labor market, paid family and medical leave is rapidly becoming more of an expected benefit than just a perk. The good news is the Section 45S federal tax...

6 Tax Angles to Layoffs

After a robust job market over the last few years, layoffs are now on the rise. Through November 2023, employers have announced nearly 690,000 job cuts this year, an increase of...
Man destroying the word tax with a hammer. vector illustration EPS10

Take Aim at Targeted Worker Tax Credits

If your business is picking up steam, you may be looking to expand your workforce to meet the demand. Here's a practical idea: Hire employees who qualify for the Work Opportunity...


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