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How To Recognize a Good Leader for Your Company

Traditional interviews, background checks, and clever "scenario" questions might help you turn up a good leader. But sometimes, in spite of your best efforts, you end up hiring a problem, and...

Converting Future Damages to Present Value

When it's time to calculate damages, a skillful financial expert can discount future damages to present value, providing the ammunition businesses need to receive a just award.Here is an example focusing...

Set Up a Tax-Favored ABLE Account for a Family Member with a Disability

Today, most states offer programs that allow you to establish a tax-favored account to cover the qualified expenses of a family member with a disability. These programs were authorized under the Achieving...

Five Features of a Good Collection Agency

Even the most efficiently run business occasionally encounters some delinquent customers. Your company probably has its own accounts receivable process, of which the final step might be turning over a drastically...

A Little Employee Appreciation Goes a Long Way

There are many reasons that employees stick with an organization long-term. They need to enjoy the work (or at least aspects of it); the pay and benefits must be right; and,...


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