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Category Archives: Ken Meissner

Developing a Business Succession Plan

Few business owners plan their exits from their businesses with as much care as they planned their entries. Just as every owner starting out needs a business plan, every owner looking to retire needs a succession plan to help transfer ownership and to achieve his or her retirement goals.

IRS Letters and Replies

You just received a letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and your first thoughts, after panic subsides (or not), might be: I have never been audited before; how can I get this over with as fast as possible; why me; how much more am I going to have to pay; what did I do...

Living Trusts and Powers of Attorney

In my previous article I addressed the importance of having a will and estate planning. As part of the estate planning process, a Power of Attorney will likely by discussed and possibly the use of a Living Trust. It is important to understand each of these instruments.