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2015 Tax Provisions Update

As has been the case the past few years, Congress decided to wait until late in the year to extend a series of temporary tax provisions that have fairly significant...

Social Media – A Careful Approach

While thoughtful use of social media can bring many benefits to an organization, an organization should ensure it has a well-defined plan to avoid certain pitfalls and risks. (more…)

Social Media–Who Cares?

Social media has become a daily part of life for many people.  From checking updates on Facebook, to making new business connections on LinkedIn, to re-tweeting a link to a...

Cost of Capital

You are buying a business or considering expansion opportunities in your existing business.  However, have you considered the cost of capital, or the rate of return you need to generate...

Buying a Business? Where’s the Cash?

You’ve identified a business, have a solid updated business plan, and lots of enthusiasm. The only thing missing is the money to get started. (more…)


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